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By sanaashiii - December 04, 2013

Hey hey, awak... Awak yang tengah baca ni babe. Haa, tadi Shan men'searching' kat google. Tak sangka pula kata-kata a.k.a quotes Kang Gari-sshi ni boleh-boleh tahan semuanya ye. Al-maklumlah, penulis lagu. Best laa orang banyak ilham macam ni, saya suka.. saya suka :')

Antara quotes Mr Gary yang menjadi favourite Shan ialah . . .
Jeng. . .
Jeng. . .
Jeng. . .

1) We'll never winagainst our own greed

2) If I have to hurt anyone to do a job, I won't do it, period

3) Is this what they called LOVE? When you have it, it's a burden. Without it, you're lonely

4) Love can't be earned

5) Now I must fight the pain that money brings

6) I chew pain like a gum :3

7) My hands is cold but I had nothing to hold. . I want to cry

8) When my friends were out drinking in bar, I was home heating what I had left for lunch so I can have dinner.

9) Don't give up so easily on this game called life

10) In the end, everything will go back to the way it was beginning

11) Hard work will never betray you

Haa, sampai tu je lah, Nombor 11. Tak ganjil sangat kan. Hari birthday Shan to bro.
Before that nah gambar Mr. Kang Gary ni. Tataplah sepuas hatimu.

Yaw, sampai ni dolok lah. Lagipun mak dah terpanggil-panggil Shan ni.

I'm insane but not crazy (dia pun dh termerepek nak buat quotes)
Pyan's Insane Daughter,
Love you Dad <-- apa kaitannya?

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