we fight ourselves

By Nasampian - July 28, 2018

who said love is sweet?

we fight everyday
every second, every minute, every damn hour

all the relationship have their own problems. not only a love relationship between you and your partner, its also can involve you and your bestfriend, you and your mom, you and your daily life struggle. love is not always sweet. it have a lot of flavor. sometimes, its cause you cry and sad all day, and sometimes its keep you happy and energetic. love is a complex flavor.

even when you win, you lose in this game
don't wanna play

have you ever feeling, when you fight with the person that you love the most, and you win, you still feel that awkward sad feeling inside you. yes you win, but also lose in the same times. because you feel bad for that person, and you feel bad for yourself because winning over the fight.

i avoid your eyes but i'm good at sensing your mood
if i put my head down in surrender first, you ridicule me

when you close with some person, you know how they act when they mad, or happy, or confuse. and when they mad, you don't even see their sad eyes, but you know what they feeling deep inside. you know, how its hurt because you hurting too. you know how deep the cut, because its cause by you.

"do you even know what you did wrong?"
i'm used to it now

yes, you know your own fault, but apologizing is some kind of awkward act that you can do. don't be too comfortable to other people around you because they have their own insecurities and problems. and they have their own struggle that they don't want to talk about. 

everything but your faults is a crime

for some people, they can forgive, but hardly to forget. they keep that disturbing things inside, and never throw it out. and this disturbing thing will be the wound that unheal. its sad to know that the wound is getting bad day by day, and there is no medicine that can solve this kind of problem.

i protect my lonely innocence with more of my sins
i do it more when you tell me not to
i understand twice when you misunderstand twice

people always keep their insecurities and find a way not to talk about them. and some people just keep struggling to say it out loud, when society say no. this happening in our daily society. people keep judging other people and sometimes make people forget about themselves. people are slaves of other people abusive words. and we're living in an abusive society.

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