why we are losing friends

By sanaashiii - July 23, 2017

because we searching for the quality one, eh? not everybody in this world want to be your friends. it's freaky yet creepy. losing friends is the way of life. every years in your life, you meet a new people, but not all of them have a suitable quality to be your friends.

so, i think today i'm losing friends. i'm losing fake friends, who is only takes advantages on me a lot of times. back to when i was in college, i'm a super-friendly person. i say hi to everybody, but not all of them say hi back to me. but, it's okay. i'm scary when i was in college.

and now, after graduating (actually, we not graduating yet, but next month is our graduating ceremony, yeayy), i'm losing my friends one by one. they left me one by one. i'm losing them, day by day. the quantity of my friends decrease. but, i don't care.

now, i have a problem in making friends before. because, i'm not talkative to a stranger. i'm very secretive and introvert. i'm weird. i'm a weirdo. weird and me are a best friend. and at this age, i realized who is real friends, and who is friends with benefits.

i also have a very bad trust issues. this issues bring a lot of problem. i'm not believe anybody in my life anymore. i'm being secretive and this killing me inside. i always think that nobody want to hear my story. nobody want to solve my problems. and every time i trust people, they betray me, so badly. i'm broken and done with all of this problem.

i always talking alone. i recording my voice, and hear to my problem again and again and find a way to solve it, myself! i done it all by myself. it's hurts, but it's better than trusting people.

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