we are a failed teenagers!

By sanaashiii - July 21, 2017

failed teenagers. even tho you feel you pretty good as  a teenagers. this is my voice why we failed as a teenagers. why i failed as a teenagers. why what i'm doing right now will ruining my whole life. leaving me with my traumatizing teenagers life.

i used to think, as a teenagers, we should try everything. i'm not gonna lie, i ever smoking and vaping. i think it cool, but no, because i don't want my future daughter to be so bad, like me.

i also ever had a boyfriend. and, i think this is must-have relationship when you are teenagers. but, once again. teenagers fooled me. it's so bad actually, i don't want to try it anymore, until i'm ready.

next, as a teenagers, we always scare about how people will treat us. this is a phase where you learn a lot in your life. it's up to you whether you want to make a same mistake, or you gonna learned from your mistake. basically, i can say, i learn a lot from my mistake. be a teenagers is tough, it's harder than be an adult.

my concept as a teenagers is, you need to gained more experience

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